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Embedded Solutions for Your Industry


ExactTrak developed Location Based Security specifically for the British government to remove the threat of PC/Laptop cameras and microphones being used for cyber spying and that highly secure data should not be accessed in the wrong time or place. This developed into the SmartSafe products


Based upon the same functionality as the Government specification for automatic control of data availability and function control, the SmartSafe technology allows for real-time threat detection, protection and defence. remote devices can be woken up, even when turned off and the status of patch security identified and updated where required.


SmartSafe embedded technology spans a wide range of uses in defence. This include the deployment of the Ultra Secure USB memory store .  In addition, the SmartSafe embedded module is being modified for inclusion into urban drones for defence and law and order applications.

Future projects - defence, medical and others

ExactTrak is committed to innovation with mobile data security and is setting this later of defence as and where our customers need it 


ExactTrak are developing advanced mobile data security that will be embedded into the next generation of government laptops and other mobile products. Already in evaluation, the products automatically alter data availability and functionality based upon location either within buildings or in the wider environment. 

Ancillary projects are underway to provides asset control on valuable medical equipment; data protection on drones; and many other exploitations of mobile data security

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