Digital Security By Design

Strengthening cyber defences in the UK gaming industry with CHERI.


We’re delighted to join Digital Catapult’s Digital Security by Design (DSbD) programme – DSbD’s Technology Access Programme (TAP) – to trail pioneering new cyber security solutions. As one of just eight companies in the fifth cohort, we’re embarking on a mission to bolster the security and privacy of both players and device-users. 

“The new cohort’s efforts come as the UK Government stated that cyber security issues are now on an equal footing with other threats, such as financial and legal pitfalls to UK businesses. Digital Catapult also hopes that the new cohort’s participation on the programme will encourage the development of new security solutions in the long term.”

Exclusive access to the Arm Morello board


We’re excited to embrace the Arm Morello board, a prototype evaluation hardware kit based on Capability Hardware Enhanced RISC Instructions (CHERI). Developed jointly by Cambridge University and Arm, we’re hoping to use the tech, alongside the rest of the cohort, to “significantly enhance the cybersecurity landscape across critical UK sectors, including gaming, defence, and automotive industries, along with introducing new strategies to heighten device security.”


Amongst the cohort is HaC Arcade, who will use the funding to increase the security of nostalgic arcade game machines across the country, by producing a highly secure network gaming system that can connect players virtually. And whilst Vividgrd are looking to transform commercial sites across the globe into microgrids, Kaze Consulting will research the impact of deploying CHERI devices in new environments to improve cybersecurity in applications such as the satellite ecosystem. 


As for ExactTrak? We’re looking to further develop our SmartSafe Platform (SSP) which secure laptops and mobile data for gamers on a device level, rather than through software. 


Quantum computing vs. software solutions


With the advancements and increasing availability of Quantum Computing, software-based cyber security solutions will increasingly come under threat. Any software solution that sits on the operating system (OS) could be vulnerable to cyber attacks. That’s why it’s so important to also have cyber security measures which sit beyond it to add a further layer of robust protection – which is exactly what SmartSafe embedded hardware does. The SmartSafe solution enables highly secure messaging which, in the case of the gaming industry, maintains the security and privacy of both players and device users. 


With DSbD’s backing we hope to demonstrate how our tech can offer invaluable protection for software solutions – across multiple industries. 

The SmartSafe Secure Platform (SSP)

We’re hoping to use the grant money alongside the innovative Arm Morello board to further develop our SmartSafe Secure Platform. The idea is to create separation on the SSP memory to allow SmartSafe communications and control to run separately from the application it hosts. By creating that separation, we should be able to block any vulnerabilities exposed by Quantum computing and other cyber threats. 


Although the work we’re doing on this programme addresses threats within the gaming industry, we hope to demonstrate how our product can better protect a wide range of customers against cyber attacks, and the growing costs associated with them.


It’s a great opportunity to explore the potential applications for SmartSafe embedded across multiple sectors in the UK, whilst demonstrating how instrumental the CHERI architecture could be, in protecting critical national infrastructure and minimising the disruption of essential services. So, as the cyber threat landscape becomes more and more sophisticated, it’s great to be part of a proactive government-backed initiative, focused on securing a more secure digital future for the UK.

How SmartSafe embedded helps protect against cyber attacks:

People working in office - Cyber protection - ExactTrak

Cyber protection

It’s the only embedded solution that provides security at device level and full integration with your existing security tools, to provide a multi-layered approach to cyber security.

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Person working in coffee shop - Location based security - ExactTrak

Location based security

You can set control policies and manage devices remotely, to prevent data exploitation from AI bots and insecure networks, on the move.

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Person on train using multiple devices - Asset security - ExactTrak

Asset security

Allows you to locate, monitor and control devices, anytime, anywhere – even when the power is off – for round the clock protection.

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Multiple devices staged with SmartSafe embedded solutions - ExactTrak

Whether you’re facing down AI bots, data exploitation or the quantum computers of the near future, one thing is clear; multi-faceted, resilient, agile cyber security should be part of every organisation’s business strategy.

Let SmartSafe back you up.