Locking down the cyber security industry by 2025 with DORA

In response to the ever-evolving digital threat landscape, The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) aims to strengthen IT security within the financial sector. The EU regulation goes into effect on 17th January 2025. Read on to see why DORA compliance is so important, and how you can achieve it…

As financial institutions become more and more reliant on digital systems, the threats they face from cyber criminals are only getting more frequent – and more sophisticated. DORA’s legislature is designed to enhance the operational resilience of these institutions, protecting them from threats now, and in the future.


DORA applies to both financial institutions and third-party providers that offer critical services to the sector. Covering a wide range of digital operational risks, from cyber threats and IT failures to data breaches and third-party dependencies, it’s hoped the act will become the standard format of protection for financial organisations across Europe. 


The act also encourages adoption of the fifth pillar, which although non-compulsory, stands to benefit financial entities across the board:




The ExactTrak take – Calling all CISO officers!


The cybercriminal industry (and it is an industry) clearly divides into those who are:

  • Accessing systems through identity fraud/phishing etc
  • Planting malware
  • Extracting money through extortion
  • Laundering that money

It’s a major step forward to see the financial services sector uniting to counter rising cyber threats. And a much needed step at that. The more information shared, the better the response, resulting in financial entities with better ICT protocols, practices and procedures. 

The new age of working from home has caused some major challenges, and placed huge pressure on CISO officers; attack fatigue, difficulty retaining control of widely distributed data access points, education of all employees and maintaining their diligence, and the recruitment and retention of security IT professionals, just to name a few. 

We’re sure that news of DORA has probably got your alarm bells ringing – it has the potential to be a massive drain on your already tight IT resources. But that’s where we can offer some help…

Let ExactTrak help take care of Pillar 1.



Here at ExactTrak, we specialise in data protection and security solutions at the end-point. Whilst a solid network security, threat detection, mail protection, education and other measures are needed to build a strong cyber security system, ExactTrak’s solutions can help you to immediately address DORA’s 1st Pillar (ICT Risk Management) by providing;

  • SmartSafe embedded, a lock-tight data security solution for remote devices that enables organisations to secure and track sensitive data across their digital infrastructure.
  • Endpoint security solutions to protect devices and prevent unauthorised access or data breaches.
  • Compliance management tools to assist in documenting and demonstrating compliance with DORA’s requirements.

SmartSafe provides protection across multiple devices autonomously, requiring limited operational input, and user education. 

With the deadline less than a year away, it’s time to take action; failure to meet this legal compliance requirement will result in regulatory sanctions, reputational damage, and increased operational risks and legal liabilities.  

Get in touch to discuss how SMART SAFE can secure your devices, your client data, your employees, and your organisation. Reach out today info@exacttrak.com and discover how we do things differently.

How SmartSafe embedded helps protect against cyber attacks:

People working in office - Cyber protection - ExactTrak

Cyber protection

It’s the only embedded solution that provides security at device level and full integration with your existing security tools, to provide a multi-layered approach to cyber security.

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Person working in coffee shop - Location based security - ExactTrak

Location based security

You can set control policies and manage devices remotely, to prevent data exploitation from AI bots and insecure networks, on the move.

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Person on train using multiple devices - Asset security - ExactTrak

Asset security

Allows you to locate, monitor and control devices, anytime, anywhere – even when the power is off – for round the clock protection.

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Multiple devices staged with SmartSafe embedded solutions - ExactTrak

Whether you’re facing down AI bots, data exploitation or the quantum computers of the near future, one thing is clear; multi-faceted, resilient, agile cyber security should be part of every organisation’s business strategy.

Let SmartSafe back you up.