Your data and devices don’t have to be powerless when they’re not powered on.

Strengthen your digital defence with SmartSafe’s powerful built in security; world-first patented technology which can prevent device and data loss, undertake cyber surveillance and tackle ransomware and other threats.

Embedded solutions which secure devices in any environment. Anytime. Anywhere.

SmartSafe Embedded

Devices embedded with SmartSafe technology that deliver state-of-the-art data and device security and protection against cyber threats.

SmartSafe works independently, removing interaction with a device’s operating system and bios to reduce vulnerabilities.

Multiple devices
SmartSafe embeds into a range of devices from laptops and tablets to IoT items and drones.

No internet required
To protect and secure devices against threats.

24/7 protection
So data protection, management and updates continue, even when the device is turned off.

Anti-tamper tech
Data physically destructs in 3 seconds when compromised.

Manage access
Restrict users, data access, device functionality changes and more.

Person at work staging SmartSafe Embedded - ExactTrak

SmartSafe Manager

The Global Management Control is the beating heart of SmartSafe solutions.

It’s a central secure manager which offers global visibility, reporting and remote control of all SmartSafe enabled devices, equipment and data, even when they’re turned off – via a monthly subscription.

Adaptable parameters
Set up central policies to remotely manage features and functionality on specific devices.

Use secure beacons
To actively manage the environments SmartSafe devices need access to.

Interface with existing platforms
Using programming interfaces to manage the whole system in one place.

Comprehensive reporting
Generate verifiable records of incidents, actions and responses.

Team at work staging SmartSafe Manager - ExactTrak
Multiple devices staged with SmartSafe embedded solutions - ExactTrak

Tell us about your requirement and we can jointly explore how SmartSafe embedded solutions can help.

From Ultra Secure defence application to everyday enterprise data security and compliance. SmartSafe can help.