Throw digital convention out the door.

With more cyber security incidents occurring in software-protected environments everyday, and Quantum technology set to amplify those threats…

We need adaptable, robust and agile cyber solutions.

Adaptable, robust and agile cyber solutions - ExactTrak
Protecting users with SmartSafe - a defensive layer of cyber protection at source - ExactTrak

Introducing SmartSafe technology – designed to secure your devices with the highest of security standards.

After collaborating with GCHQ in their accelerator program, we launched ExactTrak to execute an ambitious vision; to secure our digital future using unique, fully-comprehensive, first-of-its-kind, secure technology.

SmartSafe is a world-first patented technology, offering a defensive layer of cyber protection at source, and beyond the limitations of software.

And thanks to ongoing assurance testing with the UK government, SmartSafe solutions continue to meet and exceed the highest security standards in the defence industry.

We stand at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation.

What started with the modest development of a USB stick has now evolved into an unique embedded solution for mobile devices which transcends conventional norms.

It’s based on our SmartSafe methodology, which underscores our dedication to providing comprehensive solutions – all of which can be tailored to solve unique challenges.

Person using phone with embedded solution for mobile devices - ExactTrak
Multiple devices staged with SmartSafe embedded solutions - ExactTrak

Tell us about your requirement and we can jointly explore how SmartSafe embedded solutions can help.

From Ultra Secure defence application to everyday enterprise data security and compliance. SmartSafe can help.