As the tech world continues to evolve, so too does the threat landscape.

And whilst most in-company cyber policies are extensive – with education, endpoint protection, threat detection, and recovery protocols built in, one thing has become clear; software can no longer fulfil every need.

You need standardised defence that works at every level.

That’s why we’re dedicated to offering a suite of solutions that interface with your existing measures, whilst adding the ultimate layer of defence at source.

Key features:

Cyber Protection

SmartSafe is the only embedded solution that provides security at device level and full integration with your existing security tools.

Contain cyber threats
Detect and isolate a single user/device or whole department to contain a cyber threat.

People working in office - Cyber protection - ExactTrak

Location based security

SmartSafe tech stops inadvertent data loss on the move – whether you’re on the train or at the coffee shop.

Control policies
Set control policies to automatically determine which surveillance devices can be used in video conferencing, depending on location.

Remote management
Remotely manage access to information and storage on SmartSafe embedded devices.

Person working in coffee shop - Location based security - ExactTrak

Asset security

SmartSafe’s unique mobile security solution allows device control and monitoring, anytime, anywhere – even when the power is off.

Locate devices
Locate all devices and oversee inventory regularly, even when powered off.

SmartSafe status
Receive a SmartSafe laptop status update as soon as the device is turned on.

Person on train using multiple devices - Asset security - ExactTrak
Multiple devices staged with SmartSafe embedded solutions - ExactTrak

Tell us about your requirement and we can jointly explore how SmartSafe embedded solutions can help.

From Ultra Secure defence application to everyday enterprise data security and compliance. SmartSafe can help.