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Empower your digital defence; secure devices using SmartSafe embedded security.

SmartSafe is here for you.

Your business, your data, your devices… Secured.

Cyber protection software and systems are the perfect scenario for hackers and malicious threat actors.

Remove yourself from the threat with SmartSafe embedded security; a defensive layer outside of the operating system and bios which protects devices and data from attacks and human errors.

  • Location based security.
  • Ransomware and malware protection.
  • Remote management, even when the device is OFF.



Secure your devices with our embedded cyber security solutions – whenever and wherever you need them.

Robust, versatile and compliant with the UK government’s highest security standards.

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Person at work staging SmartSafe Embedded - ExactTrak

SmartSafe Embedded

Devices embedded with SmartSafe technology that deliver data and device security and protection against cyber threats.

24/7 protection, anti-tamper tech and full access control transparent to the user, SmartSafe embedded is ready to protect you, and your business, no matter what.

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Team at work staging SmartSafe Manager - ExactTrak

SmartSafe Manager

A central secure manager which offers global visibility, reporting and remote control of devices, equipment and data, even when they’re turned off.

Keep control of your data and devices with a monthly subscription to the SmartSafe management platform.

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Discover the power of SmartSafe Embedded

Key features that redefine security excellence:

People working in office - Cyber protection - ExactTrak

Cyber protection

SmartSafe is the only embedded solution providing security at device level and full integration with your existing security tools…

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Person working in coffee shop - Location based security - ExactTrak

Location based security

SmartSafe technology stops inadvertent data loss on the move – whether you’re on the train or at the coffee shop…

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Person on train using multiple devices - Asset security - ExactTrak

Asset security

SmartSafe’s unique mobile security solution allows device control and monitoring, anytime, anywhere – even when the power is off.

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Multiple devices staged with SmartSafe embedded solutions - ExactTrak

Tell us about your requirement and we can jointly explore how SmartSafe embedded solutions can help.

From Ultra Secure defence application to everyday enterprise data security and compliance. SmartSafe can help.