Working from home? Don’t let security become a nightmare!

Lock down your data and files anytime, anywhere.

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Remote working has fast become the norm, and with it, less than ideal security practices.

You’ve set up extensive remote policies, provided awareness training and installed the latest cybersecurity software. But, you’re still finding data leaks…

And it’s easy to see why, when you think about all the different ways people choose to work remotely; whilst travelling with a laptop, at home on a PC and popping into the office every now and then. Every time you open your laptop, you’re opening yourself up to a host of vulnerabilities, no matter where you are. Just imagine;

  • You’re at home – perhaps your kids are playing knock-off versions of candy crush or subway surfer on the company laptop. It might seem innocent enough, but so many of these games are primed with viruses, which spring into action once downloaded. 
  • You’re travelling – so you print secure data at home to write notes on, or upload sensitive information onto external USBs to look at on the move. Any data you share between your laptop and other devices is now open to the same vulnerabilities – so if your printer has been compromised and you connect your laptop to it, that’s going to be compromised too. 
  • You’re in the office today – so you sent the documents you need to work on via your personal email address, instead of your professional one, because it’s easier to access from both home and work. Unfortunately most of us don’t take the security of our personal email accounts that seriously, leaving them easy to hack and obtain sensitive information from. 

Whatever the reasons – and they’re often commonplace! – for data leaks when working remotely there’s a good solution to tackle them all.

SmartSafe Embedded Dual Boot

We can embed laptops with our SmartSafe technology to uplevel your WFH security.

You’ll benefit from several unique features, including the dual boot option which:

  • Launches a secure operating system;
  • Which includes connectivity, applications and data access;
  • In order to avoid potentially corrupting or compromising the native operating system and bios.  

It does this by:

  • Providing secure memory outside of the operating system (including connectivity and applications)
  • Which can only be accessed in pre-authorised locations;
  • When accessed, external USB ports and other functionality is autonomously disabled, making sure sensitive information stays exactly where it’s supposed to be. 

The dual boot system is fast, reliable and effective. When paired with the SmartSafe Manager, you’ll have access to comprehensive audit reporting, so you can rest assured that any external data transferral incidents or document printing outside the corporate network will be monitored and logged.

Superior Support with SmartSafe Manager

It’s a central secure manager which offers global visibility, reporting and remote control of all SmartSafe enabled devices, equipment and data, via a monthly subscription. As with SmartSafe Embedded tech, it works with existing platforms, so you can manage the whole system in one place, setting up central policies to oversee data access and functionality on specific devices. 

Strong security matters at the office, and it should matter just as much at home. With SmartSafe products by your side, implementing stringent security measures, 24/7 is easy, no matter where you are.

Don’t let kids’ games or USBs be your downfall – protect your business and its people.

If you’re running a corporate network then contact us for a free consultation. One of our consultants will walk you through our products, and then discuss your needs, taking into account your current environment, and your existing security measures, challenges and concerns. 

From there, we can get started on developing a testing strategy to pilot SmartSafe within your organisation. Top level 24/7 security is within your reach. Get in touch with us today.

How SmartSafe embedded helps protect against cyber attacks:

People working in office - Cyber protection - ExactTrak

Cyber protection

It’s the only embedded solution that provides security at device level and full integration with your existing security tools, to provide a multi-layered approach to cyber security.

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Person working in coffee shop - Location based security - ExactTrak

Location based security

You can set control policies and manage devices remotely, to prevent data exploitation from AI bots and insecure networks, on the move.

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Person on train using multiple devices - Asset security - ExactTrak

Asset security

Allows you to locate, monitor and control devices, anytime, anywhere – even when the power is off – for round the clock protection.

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Multiple devices staged with SmartSafe embedded solutions - ExactTrak

Whether you’re facing down AI bots, data exploitation or the quantum computers of the near future, one thing is clear; multi-faceted, resilient, agile cyber security should be part of every organisation’s business strategy.

Let SmartSafe back you up.