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SmartSafe protection

SmartSafe solutions are deployed in diverse business cases across many sectors.  From Inventory control,  location based data and device security, all the way to proactive Cyber - Ransomware and Malware protection. Here is an outline of some of the most common use cases.

Tell us about your requirement and we can jointly explore how SmartSafe embedded solutions can help. From Ultra Secure defence application to everyday enterprise data security and compliance, SmartSafe can help.

Cyber Protection

Ransomware and Malware attacks are on a massive increase.  Corporations are building layered security defences built on the zero trust principle - questioning every application or profiles right to be in that part of the system  and limiting the ability to move thru the network.  SmartSafe is the only hardware based solution providing security at the device level and is fully equipped thru APIs to interact with the rest of your corporations security tools.

Location based security

Given the majority of data breaches are internal and either due to user error or deliberate damage then the prudent  corporation needs to be manage when and where sensitive data can be accessed.  Using  a system of physical and virtual beacons then SmartSafe can stop inadvertent data loss on the train or in the coffee bar or malicious use of a camera or microphone.

Asset Security

SmartSafe has the unique capability to be able to track/control a device whether it is powered on or not. Giving;

  • full inventory control of all SmartSafe equipped device

  • lost devices are located to the nearest wireless, bluetooth  or cell mast. For theft then sensitive data can be destroyed

  • based on software level hen SmartSafe policies can prevent a device attached to the network.

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