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SmartSafe Manager 

The SmartSafe Manager is the beating heart of the embedded system.  Customers can setup the security parameters via a comprehensive selections of security policies that are securely communicated to each device or group of devices. 

The customer generated security policies and profiles can specify when and where data can be accessed either within a building or outside. In addition, selected components can be turned off at the hardware level, thus avoiding any potential threats form an attach on the operating systems, BIOS or compromised software.  

The SmartSafe Manager provides visual and detailed real time information on all the SmartSafe enabled devices, their security and functionality profile as well as location information. 

Compliance is a legal requirement for all business. The comprehensive reporting of the SmartSafe Manager Dashboard details the actions taken in the event of a potential breach and the steps taken to mitigate and loss. This provides a verifiable record of the customers robust data and device security infrastructure.

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