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SmartSafe Embedded

Laptops embedded with SmartSafe technology deliver “state of the art “data and device security and protection. The embedded pre-boot component is entirely independent and does not require interaction with the operating system or the bios, both of which are potential attack vectors.


The provision of remote command and control provides for components such as microphone, camera, Wi-Fi, modems and non-secure memory to be turned on or off at the hardware level depending upon user selected authorised environments. This can be at room level or even geographic location. 


The embedded technology remains live, even when the device is powered off. This allows for dynamic location reporting as well as the remote provisioning of security patches.


The development and functionality of the SmartSafe laptop embedded capability was initiated due to requests from a number of sovereign governments to address specific security requirements. The initial specification has now been enhanced to address the mobile device security requirements of the wider commercial and enterprise sectors. 


In conjunction with the SmartSafe Manager, customers set up their own operational security requirements that are securely transmitted to enabled remote devices via patented multi-channel encrypted communication.


Initial development was done on Dell laptops and can be expanded to other manufactures as appropriated. Retrospective integration is also possible.

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