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Cyber protection

Any companies cyber policy will consist of education, endpoint protection, layered defences to prevent proliferation; detection; impact minimisation then recovery.    SmartSafe products provide hardware based endpoint control to limit the impact of any cyber attack on the corporate network.

Taking Notes

Single user

If a cyber attack is detected by your companies security operations then an instruction can be made from SmartSafe manager to isolate from the network any specific device from which malware is being distributed to prevent further propagation of the incident.

Taking Notes
Small Meeting

Isolating departments

Based on a specific request from the security operations control center or from an API call to the SmartSafe manager then parts of the network can be closed down to prevent widening of the incident.

SmartSafe then provides options for reinstatement of the device,

  • re-enable some devices using the SmartSafe system,

  • recall individ,ual devices for further analysis and cleansing.

  • Move the SmartSafe enabled devices to a closed network not attached to the wider corporate domain.

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