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Asset security

SmartSafe's unique mobile security solution enables a security operations centre to be able to know exactly where all of its assets are whether powered on or not. Additionally based on operating systems levels decide what should be in the endpoint security layer.

Inventory control

All SmartSafe devices report their location to the SmartSafe manager at regular intervals.  This is not reliant on the PC/Laptop being powered on which gives the following benefits,

  • Instantaneous inventory management,

  • Ability to closely locate lost or stolen devices,

  • Ability to delete or destroy sensitive data if needed.

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Computer Programming

Computer control

When powering on a PC/Laptop/Servers OS level and status of PC will be reported to the SmartSafe manager.  If not at the security state for the organisation then the device will be controlled by  the SmartSafe manager including such things as not allowing the device to access the network.

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