ExactTrak was founded with the objective of developing embedded data and device security technology. The products all ave  a common theme of embedding the technology, that is still integral to all current products.

ExactTrak technology provides global visibility, command and control of mobile devices and data, even when the device is turned ‘Off’. It exceeds GDPR compliance and global data protection regulations.

The first product was a remotely controllable USB memory stick that is still available today and used by government, legal and financial sectors.


All ExactTrak products are managed and controlled by the ExactTrak Global Management Platform (GMP). The GMP can act as a multi tenanted self-managed service or licensed for on-premise deployment either as a stand-alone service or interfaced with existing management system.

The combination of ExactTrak enabled devices and the GMP provide customers with global visibility of where their devices and data are and the ability to manage them remotely.

ExactTrak has a growing portfolio of10 granted and 5 in progress patents covering UK, Europe, USA, China and International.

ExactTrak has been recognised by a number of awards including: Pitch@Palace and most innovating small business 2018 (Infosecurity Europe). The company is also part of KPMGs Securetech 25 fast growing businesses

ExactTrak was selected onto the GCHQ Cyber Accelerator and this has led to an initial UK Government contract with GCHQ to demonstrate the use of its embedded technology for future secure Government laptop purchases.

ExactTrak patented data security technology is being integrated into laptops and other mobile devices  as well as high value portable medical equipment, drones and agricultural machinery.

ExactTrak technology is sold as a service for self administration or as part of a managed service from global suppliers.


Traction has been achieved with contracts with HM Government both the MOD and GCHQ, Health Protection Agency, and a major global private bank. 

The management team have all come from established global enterprises including IBM, Ericsson, KPMG and Sony