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ExactTrak's initial success came through selection onto the GCHQ Cyber Accelerator and which led to an initial UK Government contract with GCHQ to demonstrate the use of its embedded technology for future secure Government laptop purchases. GCHQ are the UK government's leading security agency.


ExactTrak achieved this through deep design and development knowledge in communications and PCs with its founders having a long term history with IBM and Ericsson.   This has resulted in 14 patents granted  covering UK, Europe, USA, China and International and a further 5 in progress.


This technology has been commercially packaged into the SmartSafe range of products which can now be delivered through our integration partners as part of your overall Cyber security project. ExactTrak are a Dell OEM partner and in conjunction with them have implemented the patented security technology directly into hardware across some of their commercial laptop products. ExactTrak has a tremendous flexibility through its partnering program with the full SmartSafe range available either as hardware devices  or the IP being integrated into our partners solutions to best support our customers..   


As a company , we continue to build innovative new solutions for our customers.  ExactTrak's history and ethos is to be able to deliver complex design and delivery projects on time.   The CTO, John Pragnell, has been in the Product design business for 40 years, including hardware design, software design and data communications.  John worked on designing chips for ADSL the fore runner of the ubiquitous Broadband.  John was a significant participant in the 802 plenary sessions to define Ethernet including 802.9 security.   John was the CEO of an Ericsson subsidiary in the UK where they designed and manufactured Data communications products. 


ExactTrak's superlative engineering continues to be recognized by a number of awards including: Pitch@Palace and most innovating small business 2018 (Infosecurity Europe).
The company is also part of KPMGs Securetech 25 fast growing businesses.


ExactTrak as a design and development team continue to make innovative strides into device control expanding beyond PCs and Laptops to drones.medical devices and autonomous vehicles.

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