Ultra Secure SSD Drive

The ExactTrak Ultra SSD is an external drive that shares the same features as our USB and laptop embedded products.


Based upon the superb Innodisk drives, the ExactTrak embedded technology provides advanced remote command and control functionality as well as comprehensive data format and drive destruction capabilities.


Wherever this drive goes, customer will know where it is and have the ability to safeguard the sensitive contents.


The location is reported to the Global Management Dashboard and displayed on a map of the name of the room that it is in. The data can be set to only become available in authorised locations or at approved times or a combination of both. 


In the case of loss, there are a number of formatting formats that can be remotely initiated. These include the approved formatting standards for US and UK military use. 


Also included is the ability to physically destroy the entire data store upon a multi-level administration command. This destructive function completes significantly quicker that the formatting commands and is also activated as part of the anti-tamper security feature.


After the formatting or destruct command, the embedded drive will still be able to report its location for a period of time before the battery becomes depleted.