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SmartSafe embedded security solutions was designed in conjunction with the UK Security Service. having identified that both the BIOS and Operating System were attack vectors, the decision was taken to develop a system that remains totally independent. SmartSafe Embedded  interfaces directly with your existing management dashboard and is complimentary to your deployed mobile security system. 

The big difference is that SmastSafe  does not use the operating system, There is no user access and is active even when the device is turned off.


For auditing, you always know exactly how many devices you have and where they are.


Providing the highest levels of protection by ensuring that access to data and device, functionality can be automatically controlled by a range of criteria including location and time. Internet access is not required as the SmartSafe technology has its own inbuilt secure communication


With SmartSafe Manager in control functionality and full detailed reporting, compliance for the most demanding legislation such as GDPR, HIPAA, FA, PCI and others can be achieved.

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