Security Guardian provides a flexible, integrated and totally secure route to Virtual Desktop Integration (VDI).  Often referred to as VDI on a Stick, Security Guardian is compatible with most leading VDI application including Citrix, VMWare, Microsoft. Being USB based, Security Guardian provides complete separation of corporate and private data. In addition, the ExactTrak Cloud based management Console provides global visibility and management of your entire Security Guardian estate.

VDI on a StickExactTrak USB

ExactTrak offers mobile data protection to cover the majority of private and enterprise requirements. The USB based Security Guardian offers all the security functionality with the inclusion of the unique and exclusive remote data destruction capability. Upon command from the management console the remote memory chip is physically destroyed, putting all data beyond recovery.

CloudGlobal Cloud Management

The ExactTrak cloud based management console provides global visibility and control of your entire mobile estate. In addition, the console maintains a verifiable audit trail that helps prove robust controls. The management console can be tailored to customers precise requirements providing maximum ROI.


  • Easy  to deploy – Once you have your desired corporate configuration, this can be preloaded onto your Security Guardian units and registered on the Management Console.
  • Easy to manage – With the ExactTrak Global Cloud Management Console every Security Guardian unit is visible, even when not connected to a host device. This provides maximum control of where, when and how Security Guardian can be used to access to corporate infrastructure.
  • Easy to scale – Adding to your VDI estate is as simple as enrolling additional Security Guardian units onto the Management Console and assigning it to any operational groups that may have been setup.

DLPData Loss Prevention

Data Loss prevention (DLP): Protecting all mobile data is at the heart of ExactTrak products and services. Private or enterprise, the data and information is valuable.  ExactTrak provides individual control for when ,where and who can access data, protecting employment and reputations and avoiding  penalties.


BYOD often involves imposing use restriction to accommodate the enterprise requirement. ExactTrak overcomes this problem by providing a single self contained environment that can only be accessed via the remote corporate infrastructure.

The ExactTrak mobile Data Security solutions provides comprehensive coverage for almost any mobile solution across multiple operating systems and devices. The list below details some of the functionality available which can be tailored to meet customers exact requirements.

The Global Management Console is at the heart of the ExactTrak Mobile Data Security solution. The functionality includes remote memory control, both turning On and Off as well as wipe. Location based data availability, timed data access, email reporting and a full audit trail are all available. In addition, Over The Air (OTA) configuration updates are fully supported. The management console can be fully hosted, provided fully serviced or integrated into existing infrastructure, MDM and reporting systems.

GPS  & Communication functionality is provided to enable a number of advanced data access controls. Via the use of the integrated GSM (mobile data) and GPS modules,  ExactTrak can provide location and time based data availability, automatically switching access off outside authorised locations and times.  This exclusive facility allow for precise control of how and where corporate data can be accessed.

Battery power Each Security Guardian has an internal rechargeable battery providing around 5 days on independent communication. When plugged into a host device the battery will recharge automatically. When unplugged Security Guardian will report in every 60 minutes to receive any required commands.

Data protection is provided to allow complete flexibility and security. The first option is turning Security Guardian Off so that its contents are still present but cannot be accessed until reactivated via the management console. This is used when a device has only been misplaced and recovery is likely.

The second option is remote memory  destruction.  Using patented technology, the memory chip is remotely physically destroyed putting data and the device beyond recovery.

Encryption  can be implemented with any corporate standard product to provide the required level of protection.

White Listing of Security Guardian is often employed as a further control of what products can be attached to a mobile device for accessing the corporate infrastructure. Endpoint Protection solutions from major vendors are extensively used in conjunction with Security Guardian to give a higher level of Endpoint security and data protection.

Remote control of Security Guardian is achieved either via the internet or where available, the mobile phone network. This method provides the greatest flexibility. When neither of these methods are available, ExactTrak provide configuration options so that users can decide if data can be access or not.

Verifiable Audit Report is part of the Management Console. The report can be configured to show the metrics of time connected, memory and encryption state . In addition the report can optionally display a file audit trail showing files accessed, printed, copied or deleted. In many countries, the report can be used to demonstrate a robust mobile data security structure avoiding penalties and reputational damage.