Legal Services

Legal services firms need to protect their confidential communications and commercially sensitive information from being accessed when devices are lost or stolen. Security Guardian ensures data security and provides a full audit trail.

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Public and private healthcare providers need to implement cost-effective solutions that allow their employees to share large amount of information while guaranteeing that patient data is kept private and secure.

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Public Sector

Public sector workers need to implement solutions to help them share information appropriately while protecting health, finance, education, legal and other confidential records form getting into the wrong hands.

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Security Guardian helps organisations meet strict financial services regulations by ensuring that their mobile data is secured, can only be accessed in certain locations and can be remotely deleted if the hardware is lost or stolen.

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Governance, Risk and Compliance

Governance, Risk and Compliance can be defined as the way a business operates. Data protection, the risk of mobile data being lost or stolen, and the need to provide a verifiable data audit trail are significant challenges.

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Bring Your Own Device

Despite the benefits of BYOD, security remains the main issue. How do you separate personal information from corporate data? How can you be certain where your data is going or who is using it? Security Guardian can help you secure your BYOD implementation.

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Virtual Desktop Integration

Security Guardian provides a flexible, integrated and totally secure route to Virtual Desktop Integration (VDI).  Often referred to as VDI on a Stick, Security Guardian is compatible with most leading VDI application including Citrix, VMWare, Microsoft.

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