As a result of the nature of their corporate, litigation and commercial work, law firms need to manage large amounts of sensitive information. This includes confidential communications between the firm and their clients as well as commercially sensitive information. As a result of the nature of this data, they need to ensure that it is kept secure and can be accounted for at all times.

This security requirement presents a big challenge to law firms, as there is often a requirement to access the information while at different locations that are often not connected to the secure corporate network. Law firms may look at deploying cloud-based systems to store and access their data but find it difficult to prove full access audit trails. As a result, many turn to secure USB flash drive solutions in order to meet their needs.


Typical requirements for legal services companies looking for a secure, portable data sharing solution include:

  • Ease of deployment and use
  • The ability to access data when the Internet or secure connections back to the office are not available
  • Secure transportation of data between locations
  • Scalability to meet the growing needs of the organization
  • The ability to centrally manage and account for data access

Meeting these requirements mean that the company can avoid risk to its corporate reputation and fines from authorities as a result of confidential and commercially sensitive data going missing and being unaccounted for.


ExactTrak’s Security Guardian with optional third party encryption satisfies a law firm’s strict security needs while providing them with a flexible and reliable method of transporting data. The management console allows the systems administrator to remotely delete data in the case of loss, allows data access to be limited to specified locations and provides a complete, verifiable audit trail. All of these features mean that any client communications and commercially sensitive information that needs to be transported form location to location can be protected and the law firm can ensure that it cannot be accessed if any hardware is lost or stolen.