Governance, Risk and Compliance Explained

Governance, Risk and Compliance can be defined as an approach to business, more specifically; the way your business operates. It’s a very broad term that is designed to incorporate almost every element of how a business is organised, structured and run. It has become closely related to information technology, with IT playing a major role in GRC.

The Security Guardian Management Console is the tangible evidence that the organisation has fully explored its data protection responsibilities and has put in place oversight procedures to ensure that policies are being adhered too.

Risk Management:
Mobile data is always at risk. In conjunction with appropriate encryption products, Security Guardian enables management to know where there mobile data is, who is using it and most importantly remotely manage any risk by denying access or deleting the data entirely.

The investment in the services provided by Security Guardian combined with the verifiable audit trail demonstrates that the organisation has more than met the legal requirement. The Verifiable Audit Trail is the tangible proof that in the case of loss of the physical hardware or data, there is no potential for data exposure. Production of the Audit Trail is proof positive that the organisation has been fully compliant at all stages.