Banks, insurance companies, credit card companies and other financial services organisations have to ensure that they protect customer data from being unlawfully accessed in order to meet strict regulations such as SOX, PCI-DSS and other regional laws governing their industry. Managing access to data inside the organisation is relatively easy because they can use tried-and-test technologies to implement the necessary control measures to do so. However, as employees become more mobile as they move from location to location so they can meet prospects and perform other business tasks, the need to carry sensitive data, and therefore the chances of it getting lost or stolen, increases significantly.


Typical requirements for financial services organizations wanting to deploy secure, mobile data solutions include:

  • Ease of use
  • Control over where sensitive data can be accessed
  • Centralised management to allow systems administrators to remotely disable or erase data from lost or stolen hardware devices
  • Full audit trails so that they can comply with industry security regulations and standards

Meeting these requirements means that financial services companies avoid both the damage to their corporate reputation as a result of losing sensitive customer information and significant fines from regulatory authorities as a result of not taking sufficient measure to protect their data.


ExactTrak’s Security Guardian with optional third party encryption allows financial services firms to provide employees with a way of securely transporting sensitive data while ensuring that they comply with strict industry security regulations and standards. The management console allows the systems administrator to remotely delete data in the case of loss, allows data access to be limited to specified locations and provides a complete, verifiable audit trail. All of these features mean that any sensitive client information that needs to be transported form location to location can be protected and the financial services firm can ensure that it cannot be accessed if any hardware is lost or stolen.