Energy Sector Customer
A global petro‐chemical and natural gas producer with oil and gas fields in remote areas. The company has over 10,000 employees that are directly engaged in well‐head operations on three monthly rotations.

Safety and training are paramount as many of the locations cover large areas and it is vital that all employees are accounted for, feel secure and have access to the most up‐to‐date information.

The company had explored a number of technology based solutions to provide timely information, safety updates and training whilst employees are on‐site; however this requires carrying more than one piece of equipment generating additional management and reliability issues.

To provide on‐site employees with a single small product that would contain the latest safety information, a structured self‐paced training programme as well as personal information for the three month tour.

A further requirement was to be able to locate each employee on a site covering many square miles. In the case of accident, the company needs to be able to direct the support services to an injured employee accurately and quickly.

Mandatory requirements

  • Robust hardware that can be carried by on‐site employees
  • Provide storage for safety information and a structured training programme
  • Transmit real‐time location information for each employee
  • Secure storage for personal medical information
  • No user intervention required
  • Independent battery operation
  • Be used as secure access to authorised areas

After detailed field trials the company selected ExactTrak’s Security Guardian USB device. The system with integrated GPS, GSM, RFID and rechargeable battery is worn by each on‐site employee.

32GB of internal memory provided sufficient room for all safety material as well as a specially developed structured training programme. A secure area for employee’s personal information.

The GPS module provides location and altitude information which is displayed in the control room and available to management and support services as required. The embedded RFID chip is programmed with each employee’s personal medical data for use by emergency services in case of accident. Additionally the RFID chip provides access to authorised areas.