What Exactly Is ‘Bring Your Own Device’?
Bring Your Own Device, often shortened to BYOD, is the term for the relatively new practice of employees using their own technology at work. This could be an IPad, a laptop, a phone or other accessories like USB devices. It is also sometimes called Bring Your Own Technology.

The reasons for businesses to adopt a BYOD policy are mainly money saving, as they don’t have to spend on expensive computer equipment and other devices, or the maintenance of this equipment. Employees are also more likely to take good care of their own equipment than company equipment.

The benefits for employees are clear; they get to use equipment that they are familiar with and work best with. They can also update both their software and hardware as and when they please. In theory, all of this boosts productivity and it is undoubtedly convenient.

Despite the benefits of BYOD, security remains the main issue. How do you separate personal information from corporate data? How can you be certain where your data is going or who is using it.  This is where Security Guardian from ExactTrak comes into its own.

ExactTrak – Improving the Security of Bring Your own Device
Security Guardian is the perfect device to use with the BYOD policy as it has the following features:

  • Pocket Size – easy to carry around
  • Large storage capacity
  • Can be used exclusively to store your corporate data separately from user personal data
  • Remote commands can alter operation of the device
  • TOTAL remote data destruction
  • Advanced GPS and Cell Mast  locating capabilities