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Keeping Mobile Data Safe

Mobile data is constantly under attach or in danger of being lost or stolen. Security Guardian offers a unique way of protecting your valuable and personal information. This video provides a light hearted look at what you could do to stay safe and legal

Security Guardian for VDI

Security Guardian brings global management to Virtual Desktop Integration. Even when not connected to a host computer, The remote Security Guardian units can be directly controlled from the management console. You can remotely turn On and Off access as well as remotely destroy the memory chip. This video explains how the service works.

Security Guardian Overview

Security Guardian provides a global solution to the global problem of protecting mobile data. This video outlines the flexibility and functionality of Security Guardian. In conjunction with the management console the data owner will know where their data is, who is using it and can remotely turn it On and Off or even destroy the memory […]

Lawyers risk £500,000 fine for data loss

Lawyers often carry around large quantities of information in folders or files when going to and from court Lawyers were warned about the need to keep personal data secure by the information watchdog yesterday after 15 breaches in the past three months. Christopher Graham, the information commissioner, said that material handled by barristers and solicitors […]

Half of all companies lose devices with important data

Half of companies have lost a portable computing device with important data on it that had security implications for more than 20% of organisations, asurvey has revealed. Further, 57% of employees believe that bring-your-own-device (BYOD) practices put their personal data at risk as well, according to a survey by data governance software company Varonis. Despite […]

UK consumers want better personal data security

Banks top the list of organisations people trust least with their personal data, according to a survey of 2,000 UK consumers. Mobile phone operators and retailers also fare badly, according to the study commissioned by collaboration and communication services firm Avaya and contact centre technology firm Sabio. According to the report by research consultancy Davies […]

BYOD poses serious risks to IT security

The always on, always connected, productivity-on-the-go trend of allowing smartphone and tablet toting employees to take their own devices to work (known as BYOD, or “bring your own device”) and to plug it into the company network is growing in popularity around the world.   A recent BYOD study conducted by smartphone manufacturer Samsung Electronics, […]

Nursing and Midwifery Council receives £150,000 penalty

The Information Commissioner’s Office has urged organisations to review their policies on how personal data is handled, after the Nursing and Midwifery Council was issued a £150,000 civil monetary penalty for breaching the Data Protection Act. The council lost three DVDs related to a nurse’s misconduct hearing, which contained confidential personal information and evidence from […]

EU data protection law proposals include large fines

Firms face being fined up to 2% of their global annual turnover if they breach proposed EU data laws. The European Commission has put forward the suggestion as part of a new directive and regulation. The new rules include users’ “right to be forgotten” and an obligation on organisations to report data breaches “as soon […]

51% of UK networks compromised by BYOD

Half of UK business networks have already been compromised by the bring-your-own device (BYOD) phenomenon of workers using personal devices for work-related activities and for attaching to corporate networks. That’s the assessment of new research from Virgin Media Business, which found that in 2012, a full 51% of the UK’s secure IT networks were breached […]

Government departments release data on missing IT equipment

Ministry of Defence lost 1,058 items of equipment in 2011-12 Government departments saw 2,070 pieces of IT equipment lost or stolen in 2011-12, according to written answers in the House of Commons. With the exception of the Department for Education and the Cabinet Office, all central departments have now written formal responses to requests regarding […]

Ultimate Mobile Data Security – Perfect for the forgetful secret agent…the memory stick that self-destructs by remote control

A data protection company has come up with the perfect piece of kit for the spy who’s more Johnny English than James Bond. ExactTrak Ltd has developed a memory stick that can be tracked by GPS if it becomes separated from its owner – and can even be destroyed by remote control. The memory stick, […]