117 laptops left on the UK rail network

During the first two weeks in November 117 laptops have been found on the UK Rail network. Of these
43 had their passwords inside the carry case or stuck to the keyboard
4 were in standby mode with no password at all.
11 iPads had no password.

What is on the 5000+ mobile phones London Transport recovers every month?

One can only wonder what information was available on these technological wonders. Email, contact details, personal photographs.  Who knows what sensitive corporate or government information? Part of the problem lies in the complex passwords that many IT systems dish out. Ten digits upper and lower case with at least one numeral and one special character! Certainly it is difficult for a hacker to guess, conversely it is impossible for a human to remember.

BYOD has a lot to answer for.  Bring Your Own Disaster seems more appropriate.
Security Guardian overcomes many of these problems and allows remote data delete even when not connected to a laptop.