Lockdown your data. Anywhere.

ExactTrak technology starts where all other security technology stops. Take proactive action and bridge this gap. Apply our technology to laptops, external memory drives and a plethora of IoT devices. It works even when a device is turned off. Embedded and always live it gives you complete control. ExactTrak is the only solution in the world able to provide this level of protection for your data on the move. It’s also the only system that provides a verification report, evidencing you are compliant, and did all you could to protect data you are accountable for, whilst it’s on the move.


Data is on the move. It is everyone’s worst nightmare. The latest directives make cyber security risk management the responsibility of every single C-level executive. Not just IT.

Access Control

Some organisations wrongly believe encryption protects them. It’s time for a wake-up call. No, it doesn’t. Hackers are resourcefully persistent. Basic encryption is a weak approach to security that doesn't take a genius to crack. Then you’re deep into the reputational and financial damage attackers wreak when sensitive company or customer data gets exposed publicly.


Hacking techniques get bolder and more sophisticated each year. Damage done by rogue insiders is always front page news. As are unintentional breaches caused by error-prone humans. Trends such as extortion hacks, attacks that change or manipulate data and hijacking IoT devices will be constantly reinvented by new methods.

& Reporting

Can you really afford to take the risk? Especially when straightforward and cost-effective technology exists to extend the security you’ve already invested heavily in to protect your corporate network. ExactTrak technology robustly bridges the gaps giving you control, protection, visibility and the ability to sleep sounder at night.