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What happens when...

...users try to access confidential

health records in a public place?

Can you set up location-based

policies to restrict access to data?

You can with Security Guardian.


What happens when...

...a million social security

numbers get left

on the train?

Can you remotely destroy the data

before it is compromised?

You can with Security Guardian.


What happens when...

...sensitive legal data gets left on

a memory stick in a hotel room?

Can you turn off access to the data

from a central management console

before it is plugged into a laptop?

You can with Security Guardian.

back of taxi

What happens when...

...the next passenger doesn't hand in

the memory stick you left in a taxi?

Can you trace its exact location from

a central management console?

You can with Security Guardian.


Legal Services

Legal services firms need to protect their confidential communications and commercially sensitive information from being accessed when devices are lost or stolen. Security Guardian ensures data security and provides a full audit trail.

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Public and private healthcare providers need to implement cost-effective solutions that allow their employees to share large amount of information while guaranteeing that patient data is kept private and secure.

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Public Sector

Public sector workers need to implement solutions to help them share information appropriately while protecting health, finance, education, legal and other confidential records form getting into the wrong hands.

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Security Guardian helps organisations meet strict financial services regulations by ensuring that their mobile data is secured, can only be accessed in certain locations and can be remotely deleted if the hardware is lost or stolen.

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Governance, Risk and Compliance

Governance, Risk and Compliance can be defined as the way a business operates. Data protection, the risk of mobile data being lost or stolen, and the need to provide a verifiable data audit trail are significant challenges.

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Bring Your Own Device

Despite the benefits of BYOD, security remains the main issue. How do you separate personal information from corporate data? How can you be certain where your data is going or who is using it? ExactTrak can help you secure your BYOD implementation.

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Virtual Desktop Integration

Security Guardian provides a flexible, integrated and totally secure route to Virtual Desktop Integration (VDI).  Often referred to as VDI on a Stick, Security Guardian is compatible with most leading VDI application including Citrix, VMWare, Microsoft. 

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Security Guardian Overview

Security Guardian provides a global solution to the global problem of protecting mobile data. This video outlines the flexibility and functionality of Security Guardian. In conjunction with the management console the data owner will know where their data is, who is using it and can remotely turn it On and Off or even destroy the memory chip.

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Keeping Mobile Data Safe

Mobile data is constantly under attack or in danger of being lost or stolen. Security Guardian offers a unique way of protecting your valuable and personal information. This video provides a light hearted look at what you could do to stay safe and legal.

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Security Guardian for VDI

Security Guardian brings global management to Virtual Desktop Integration. Even when not connected to a host computer, The remote Security Guardian units can be directly controlled from the management console. You can remotely turn On and Off access as well as remotely destroy the memory chip.

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ExactTrak on the BBC

BBC Click feature ExactTrak’s Security Guardian.

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FT Review Security Guardian

FT- How to Spend it feature ExactTrak’s Security Guardian. Tested in a mobile situation both in the UK and abroad.

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Security Guardian GeoZones

ExactTrak’s Management Console and Security Guardian provide the capability to report when a remote Security Guardian unit is entering or leaving predefined zones. It also allows times to be set so that data can only be accessed during authorised hours.

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Use Cases


ExactTrak helped a National Health Service Trust to provide access to medical records without the need to supply mobile devices which resulted in significant cost savings while maintaining care and standards across their entire portfolio of service delivery obligations.

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Learn how a global petro-chemical and natural gas producer provided their employees with a single small product that contained the latest safety and training information and also helped locate them in the event of an incident.

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ExactTrack deliver a secure mobile data environment to an international law firm to give all of their staff access to information at any location without the need for Internet access which was not always available while ensuring that data could not be compromised.

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About Us

ExactTrak Ltd is a specialist mobile data security, data loss prevention company. Working with Government and corporate clients, ExactTrak has developed a number of patented mobile data protection products that meet the growing need for mobile data security and asset recovery for remote and mobile users.

As mobile data protection experts our products include advanced encryption, tracking and remote management services laptop computers, secure USB memorydevices and much more. Designed in conjunction with the UK MoD, ExactTrak utilises the latest technology to encrypt and or delete sensitive data remotely. In conjunction with data loss prevention services ExactTrak exploit multiple location technologies, including GPS and GSM mast triangulation to provide advanced tracking and global location capabilities.

Our data loss prevention products are designed and manufactured in the UK in a purpose built facility that conforms to recognised ISO standards for quality control and manufacturing capabilities.

Location monitoring and Data Security services can be delivered either via secure access to our monitoring platform hosted on the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform or can be located within you organisation behind your own firewall.

If you are concerned about mobile data protection or assets, ExactTrak has the experience, products and services to help you to develop a robust data loss prevention strategy that exceeds the new Data Security legislation.