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ExactTrak Ltd is a specialist mobile data protection and data loss prevention company. Working with Government and corporate clients, ExactTrak has developed a number of patented mobile data protection products that meet the growing need for mobile data security and asset recovery for remote and mobile users.

As mobile data protection experts our products include advanced encryption and tracking for laptop computers, secure USB devices and much more. Designed in conjunction with the UK Police, Home Office, leading businesses and hardware manufacturers, ExactTrak utilises the latest technology to encrypt and or remotely destruct sensitive data remotely. In conjunction with data loss prevention services ExactTrak exploit multiple location technologies, including GPS and GSM mast triangulation to provide advanced tracking and global location capabilities.

Our data loss prevention products are designed and manufactured in the UK in a purpose built facility that conforms to recognised ISO standards for quality control and manufacturing capabilities.

Location monitoring and Data Security services can be delivered either via secure access to our monitoring platform hosted on the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform or can be located within you organisation behind your own firewall.

If you are concerned about mobile data protection or assets, ExactTrak has the experience, products and services to help you to develop a robust data loss prevention strategy that exceeds the new Data Security legislation.

A Brief Guide to Data Loss Prevention & Mobile Data Protection

Data loss prevention refers to systems or solutions that are designed to prevent data breaches and leakage, which might result in unauthorized access to your data. Data can fall into the wrong hands in a number of ways; it can be deliberately accessed or accidentally lost. Data loss is becoming more common as we move further into the digital information age, so it’s never been more important to protect your data.

In recent years there have been a number of high profile examples of data loss, and according the the Information Commissioner, this is increasing. Here in the UK a range of sensitive information has been lost, from prisoner medical records to Government computer passwords – both lost on USB devices. In the case of the Government password memory stick, luckily it was encrypted. Unfortunately the password was written on a note, attached to the stick! This is a prime example of poor mobile data protection. In fact, according to the BBC the Government lost or had stolen, hundreds of memory sticks and laptops. Five of the memory sticks lost at this time contained secret information.

Perhaps the most recent example of data loss occurred in October 2012. A fine of £150,000 was issued to Greater Manchester Police after the theft of a memory stick containing sensitive personal data from an officer’s home. The device, which had no password protection, contained details of more than a thousand people with links to serious crime investigations. The USB stick has never been recovered.

Don’t make the same mistakes; protect your data now with ExactTrak.

Designed and manufactured in the UK

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